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A “green house” – home, that is, not an indoor farm… a green house no longer only applies to the type in which we can grow a garden inside of, but the term now applies also to those houses and homes which utilize “greener technologies” in order to run more efficiently, create less waste in energy expense, and often, are even involved in the generation of energy on their own. Of course, if you’re not going to buy or build one of these, and hope to save on energy expense in your existing home right now, here are a few things you can do…

To make your home more of a “green house” home, cut down on energy expenses whenever and wherever possible. You can start by installing a timer to your heating system. Set the timer so that your heating system turns down quite low about an hour after you go to bed, and turn up again about an hour before you wake up. Have it shut completely off about a half-hour before there is no-one at home (like, during work and school hours), and turn back on again about a half-hour before you return home again.

Another “green house home” idea is to do this very same thing for your hot water heater. This is a huge consumer of energy and can represent an enormous chunk of your energy expenses. Have a timer installed on your water heating system and set it to turn off at bed-time, and turn on again about an hour before waking. Have it turn off when no-one is at home, and turn on again in enough time before your home becomes bustling with people once again. Remembering to set your heating and hot water system completely off while away on vacation, or just away for the weekend, is also a great and simple way to save an inordinate amount of energy expenses.

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